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Our company

Based in Thessaloniki, the accounting office Georgios N. Giannopoulos & Co. has been active in the field of tax and consulting services for more than 25 years.

The combination of multi-year experience and specialized knowledge of the company’s executives, has enabled it to provide high level and quality services.

In a highly competitive and constantly changing economic environment, the office of Georgios N. Giannopoulos & Co. sets as its primary goal the support of any business plan in Greece, Europe or Third Country.

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Our philosophy

The culture, structures and functions of a business are designed in such a way as to optimize the fast service and the customers’ needs satisfaction.

Focusing on the customer (individuals & entrepreneurs), the accounting firm Georgios N. Giannopoulos & Co., aims to solve any question or insecurity that arises due to the demanding financial environment and the ongoing tax and labor changes.

Our people

The associates of the company are graduates of economics universities and holders of necessary professional licenses. They have experience and are constantly monitoring developments related to changes in national and community legislation. They are distinguished for their professional ethics, their reliable presence but mainly for their effectiveness. 

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